Why Onspot? Frequently asked questions from commercial drivers

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

The importance of commercial drivers cannot be overstated. These women and men driving across the world, delivering all sorts of goods and services keep the world and its economies thriving.

As the producers of automatic snow chains we travel quite a bit and have met many commercial drivers along the way. When drivers meets up with us they sometimes have questions about the automatic chains.

What follows are the most frequently asked questions drivers have when deciding to add Onspot automatic snowv chains to their winter safety and traction arsenal.

Is the Onspot system legal in chain control areas? This is usually the first question that comes up in conversation. In Norway they arev concidered as equal to conventional snow chains.  The automatic snow chains are in most countries recognized as "other traction devices" that are not conventional snow chains. Check what is the regulations for your country here: Rules & Regulations 

If you are just looking for the benefit of traction on snow and ice and are not concerned about chain control areas, then one set of auto chains is sufficient.

How much does the Onspot system weigh? Use it with conventional chains? The Onspot system adds approximately 45 kg to each axle and is easily to remove during non-winter months. When it comes to full chain up most drivers, I talk to tend to wait out the storms. If you must continue to travel in these extreme conditions, however, you can use the auto chains on the inside duals and conventional chains on the outside.

Operation, maintenance, cost are all topics that come us as well. To learn more about operation and maintenance please click on the link below. For cost and other questions get in touch with your local Onspot distributor. You will find theme here: Find us



Service and maintenance instructions


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Leonard D'Orlando

About Leonard D'Orlando

Leonard has six years with Onspot Automatic Tire Chains in North America. Four years as a field technician on the East Coast and two years as a Regional Sales Manager. During the four years as a field technician Leonard provided install and maintenance training to dealers. Leonard also performed fleet reviews for customers and provided technical service support. An alumnus from the University of Maine, Leonard graduated with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Education. Leonard also attended Texas State Technical College where he earned an associate’s degree in automotive mechanics.


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