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Written by Thomas Ancart,

Honoring your schedule is crucial if you aim to meet your clients' expectations. Fleet managers must prioritize safety and have the right equipment and training in place for drivers to adhere to schedules.

As the owner of a trucking company, you are faced with numerous critical decisions that sometimes need to be made quickly. From personnel issues to selecting the right trucks and choosing the appropriate fuel, the considerations are endless. Making swift decisions is paramount.

However, keeping up with rapidly circulating information can be challenging. This is also true for today's truck drivers, who must stay informed and up-to-date. As a fleet manager, what actions can you take to ensure that your staff is well-informed and current?

The development of new trucks is progressing rapidly. With electric cars becoming a common sight on our roads, the trucking industry is also beginning to embrace the "100% electric" trend. This brings forth numerous challenges for drivers, such as mastering the art of driving an electric truck, managing range anxiety, and handling battery charging.

Additionally, trucks come equipped with a wide array of new features, including driver assistance systems, cameras, GPS systems, and automatic snow chains, among others. The list goes on, emphasizing the importance for drivers and fleet managers to stay informed and knowledgeable about these functionalities. Time, pressure, and intense competition are a part of truck drivers' and fleet owners' daily lives, making timely delivery of shipments crucial. How can one find the time to stay updated on all the functions of a truck? Can training benefit trucking company operations?

Having a bunch of equipment that no one knows how to use is pointless. However, if drivers master their tools, they can have a more productive workday and overcome obstacles on the road that may lead to delays.

This is why we have created a free training portal available at The training can be started at any time and covers various aspects of the best way for drivers to learn how to use automatic snow chains on trucks.

The system is user-friendly, but there may be tips and tricks that even experienced drivers may not be aware of. Therefore, starting the training today in preparation for the upcoming winter season is a great idea. Once all steps are completed, participants will receive a certification for completing the training.

Click on the link below to start your training now!

E-Training Portal


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