Truck owners - What are users saying about Onspot?

Written by Eric Carlebom,

As a trucking company owner, you are faced with a multitude of decisions, and selecting the right equipment for your truck can be one of them. But what do users have to say about the system? Find out more here.

Trucking Company Owners: An Exciting and Challenging Job

Running a trucking company is an exciting job that comes with high demands. In today's society, everything needs to be optimized and efficient, including the ability to deliver goods on time, transport gravel for roadworks, respond to emergencies with fire trucks, and safely transport students on buses. There are many aspects to consider and decide on, such as finances, investing in new trucks, fuel, and equipment. Ultimately, all trucking companies share a common goal, regardless of what they transport: ensuring customer satisfaction and securing repeat business.

Safety & Work Environment

Ensuring the safety of drivers is paramount, not only for their well-being but also for the safety of other road users. Maintaining a reliable schedule is crucial for the trucking company and its clients. However, creating a secure work environment and minimizing stress for drivers also benefits you as the company owner. Happier drivers deliver better results and perform their duties more efficiently.

Unnecessary Downtime:

Downtime can occur naturally and be challenging to predict. However, there are instances where downtime can be anticipated and prevented. One such example is icy roads and snow, which are common during the winter season. As a trucking company owner, it is essential to consider preventive measures for such situations, such as implementing automatic snow chains. Is the investment worthwhile for the company and its operations?

Financial Calculation

As a trucking company owner, it's beneficial to conduct a financial analysis on the potential costs of downtime and workshop visits throughout the truck's lifespan. Compare this with the cost of installing automatic snow chains on the company's trucks. Being able to prevent situations like slippery winter roads ensures timely delivery of goods. This fosters strong customer relationships and improves overall financial performance.

There are numerous advantages to the system, but what do those who use their automatic snow chains during their workdays have to say?


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