Truck mechanic -How can we make the working day easier?

Written by Eric Carlebom,

Working as a mechanic today is an exciting job with many challenges. It is important that you stay informed and educated on everything new in the trucking industry. There is a lot of information to take in and it can be difficult to keep up with everything. We at Onspot want it to be easy for the mechanic to work with our system. See also 

The development of the trucking industry is moving fast, electric trucks are becoming an increasingly common sight along the roads. All extra equipment such as cameras, radar systems such as VBG Driver Assist, etc. require that you stay up to date with the new technology. The flow of information can feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to keep up with everything. 

How can we make life easier for the mechanic?
Working with our system should be simple and easy to retrieve the information you need via our website: There you will find information about our free web-based training portal, interesting blogs, interviews with end users and assembly instructions, etc. But perhaps the most important of all, our Configurator used daily by truck mechanics and parts personnel.

Why use the configurator?
It all started with an idea to make it easier to get the right car mount and a complete Onspot system. There are many truck manufacturers and models, ranging from garbage trucks, gravel trucks, fire trucks, freight transport, etc. This means that the trucks do not look the same in their design. Ad-blue tanks, crossbars, axle configurations and different tire dimensions are just a few parameters that without the configurator would have made the job more difficult for the mechanic. 

How does the configurator work?
It is based on collected information about the different truck manufacturers' models. But also all peripherals that can make assembly more difficult, such as ad-blue tanks, crossbars, axle configurations and tire dimensions etc. This means that we must have many different variants of car mounts. By adding all these parameters together, we have been able to build up the configuration.It automatically calculates the correct complete system. What you have to choose is which chains you should have. Most common in the Nordic countries are 6 chains. You will also get the assembly instructions when all the choices are made.

Choose your onspot Eng

How to find spare parts for an existing system?
In the same way that you go about getting part numbers for a new assembly, you do to find the right spare parts. The compilation of the spare parts can be found in the assembly instructions. 

When installing automatic snow chains or replacing wear parts, a good job has been done. The knowledge that the truck driver has a system that increases accessibility in winter road conditions and that the driver gets a less stressful working day in winter road conditions. 

How to Measure Your Vehicle


Also, don't forget to try our free web-based training for the mechanic and truck driver. Click here to get started


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