Truck driver - A job with great variety!

Written by Eric Carlebom,

Today's truck drivers work in a rapidly changing world and industry. New technology is constantly being launched and there is a lot to learn and stay up to date on.  Read more here

What can a working day look like?

Regardless of whether you drive gravel transport, fuel or goods transport, it is important to try to stick to your driving schedule.Keeping to your driving schedule is important for both the end
customer and the haulage company's finances. Satisfied customers often lead to new drives and long-term customer relationships. As a professional driver, knowing that you delivered today's work on time is satisfying and makes the next working day easier.

What challenges might arise?

Imagine a working day when you sit in the truck cab and check the day's driving schedule. It's sunny and freezing, you start your truck for the day's drives. Everything is moving along but the weather changes and it starts to snow heavily and the cold dry road starts to freeze. There are starting to be queues and the slippery conditions reduce the speed on the roads. The last stop is out on a remote farm on an unpaved road. In addition, it is a steep uphill climb to master. You know that your truck is equipped with automatic snow chains that are activated by pressing a button on the dashboard.

The chains are thrown under the tires and the movement of the truck wheels causes the chain wheel to spin and the chains follow under the tires. Road grip is immediately much better and the steep hill is no longer a problem. You unload your load and the working day begins to draw to a close. Before driving back down the steep hill, you reactivate your automatic snow chains to get good traction down the steep hill. On this day too, you managed to deliver the goods on time. But what could the working day look like if you didn't have automatic snow chains?

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How can one prepare to deal with obstacles along the way?

Having the right equipped trucks is important for the haulage company to be competitive and to be able to drive safely. But also to find the right skills and retain their staff. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to the truck's equipment list, reversing cameras, rear lifters, cranes, winter equipment, etc. Everything costs money and the equipment must benefit the haulier's business, but of course also the truck driver's daily job. Automatic snow chains are only used when necessary, but are always mounted under the truck.

The system is easy to assemble and activates and deactivates by the touch of a switch in the cab. Road grip will be improved, but also the braking distance will be reduced on slippery roads. Automatic snow chains can be a good choice to have as extra equipment on the haulage company's trucks. Safety, total economy and a better working environment are some of the advantages.

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