Today’s ambulance – an emergency room on wheels

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

The moment an emergency call is dispatched it is a race against time. For the crew and ambulance every second counts. Therefore, it is essential that they are equipped with everything needed to handle a large variety of circumstances in a timely manner. Read more here.

The roles have changed. In the past an ambulance crew used to consist of the rescue driver and one paramedic, maybe two. Today this has all changed and it is almost guaranteed you will find two EMS providers out back who are licensed healthcare practitioners. These individuals can respond to a wide variety of medical situations and provide care onsite. While the person up front in the driver’s seat is no longer simply a rescue driver but an EMT able to assist the paramedics if needed.

The ambulance has changed. It is no longer a simple case of rushing a patient to the hospital. These days factors such as traffic and inclement weather sometimes will impede an ambulance in the race against time. Therefore, today’s ambulance is equipped with pharmaceuticals, high-tech tools, and life saving supplies to aid the patient throughout the journey. Of course, advances in ambulance warning systems, lights, sirens, and GPS continue to evolve minimizing time.

Focused during inclement weather. For the EMT/rescue driver staying focused while driving is demanding enough. Throw snow and ice into the mix and it can be down right nerve racking. The Onspot automatic snow chain system helps to alleviate these thoughts by providing the driver with traction on snow and ice at the flip of a switch. When time is critical the Onspot system also eliminates the need for chaining up in adverse conditions providing safety and security for our first responders – the heroes of the day.

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A comparison: Manual vs Automatic Snow Chains

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