This is how to improve performance on icy roads

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When the going gets tough and harsh winter conditions strike, the interaction between the driver and the vehicle is put at test. In such conditions, good driving performance is not to just rely on the vehicle or driving assistance tools. Rather, it’s about instantly adapting your mindset and behavior in order to do the job effectively – in the safest way possible. Here you will get some good tips on how to deal with icy roads!

There’s always a risk that driving becomes a routine job, without further thought. From time to time it could be a good idea to reflect a bit on how we perform in slippery conditions – and how we actually could improve performance and safety.

There are many, many ways to improve driving performance. We have selected a few of them for tips and advice. I suggest you read them and honestly say to yourself: “What can I do to improve my performance?”

Please, comment and add more tips that you think are of importance for the blog readers to know.

How to improve performance on icy roads

Content for commercial drivers Improve performance on icy roads

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