Tales from the field, how Onspot saves lives

Written by Maritza Hernandez,

Over the years, I have received reports from customers who arrived at their destinations safely because of their Onspots. However, the most humbling accounts are from people who were saved because someone else had Onspots or the realization that they wish they had Onspots.

Enabling emergency response

In the case of a New Jersey ambulance squad, the EMS Deputy Supervisor shared with me that many people at the squad dismissed the Onspots on the rigs as being "useless" until a blizzard caused hazardous road conditions. During the blizzard, the Onspot-equipped ambulances were sent to provide mutual aid to neighboring communities because their ambulances could not safely operate on the snow and ice covered roads. The critics in the squad were then convinced that the Onspots were beneficial and they all agreed that their new ambulance would also be equipped with Onspots.

Sometimes dire circumstances lead to convincing communities about the value of Onspots in life and death situations as was the case of a sick child in upstate New York. An EMT from an ambulance squad in New York spoke with me about how a 14 month old baby in respiratory distress almost died because their ambulance could not get through the snow and ice covered roads. He animatedly told me how he asked his superiors why a baby had to come so close to dying just to discuss Onspots for their rigs. The ambulance company decided to purchase Onspots because of this incident.

A life in peril

Hazardous conditions don’t just affect rescue vehicles. I had the opportunity to speak with a tractor trailer driver who found himself on Donner Pass in California without automatic snow chains. He told me that he had pulled over to the side of the road to "chain up" with conventional chains. As he was crouched down beside his truck fastening the chains to the tires, another tractor-trailer narrowly missed hitting him. I could hear the emotion in his voice as he told me that he survived that close call by "diving" under his truck. He said, once he arrived on the other side of Donner Pass, he called the office and wanted to know how to order some Onspots.

Keeping students safe

Inclement weather usually keeps students home but sometimes they can be en route to or from school when snow or ice storms hit. I have taken many calls from transportation department officials from multiple school districts who have communicated with me that traversing hazardous roads with students aboard can be worrying but they are at ease knowing that the Onspots are available at the flip of the dashboard switch. Another example of a School district using Onspots is Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Colorado, USA.

I’ve received countless calls and emails thanking Onspot for a quality product that keeps vehicles moving even on snow and ice covered roads. I’ve been lucky enough to speak with our customers who take the time to contact us to let us know that their Onspots are the reason they arrived safely, rescued a life or made their deliveries in a timely manner.

Safety is paramount when you are driving or traveling in any vehicle. When other vehicles become disabled on snow packed or icy roads, Onspot automatic snow chains allow your vehicle to move through to arrive at their destinations safely.

Onspots are used worldwide. In the video, "why rescue drivers use Onspot" some rescue drivers from Norway reflect over Onspot Automatic Snow Chains and how the Onspots help them out in their profession.

Why Rescue Drivers use Onspot


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Maritza Hernandez

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Maritza was the Marketing Coordinator at Onspot of North America. She was with Onspot for many years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Investigative Services. She moved from Connecticut to Indiana in 2016. When she is not working, she can be found reading, walking her dog Petey or discovering the sights and sounds of Indiana.


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