Bye, bye winter and icy roads! How to conquer a hill?

Written by The Haaks,

Guest Blog, no 3 from the Haaks

Very soon spring is here and the winter season is over – for this time. Yesterday, we did the last after ski gig in the Swedish mountains. We had an amazing response from the audience and the band was really on top. To the delight of the skiers there were loads of snow this weekend, but we were not that delighted since the roads around Sälen got very slippery – and our bus got stuck at the lodge! However, in these situations Onspot automatic snow chains are our best friends. Johan, the driver, just pushed the button and off we went uphills in a cloud of snow.

Watch this video when Onspots help us conquer a slippery hill!

But, we don’t lay back just because the season is over. We’re in the middle of planning and negotiating the next winter season. We can reveal that we’ll be back in Sälen also next year ;-)

Haak’s list of tips for funky cruising music

Leaving Sälen and we have quite a few hours of driving back home. So, what could be more appropriate than some really cool music on the road. Here are some of our very favourites in this category. Enjoy!

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Take care out there on the road!

Henrik & Jonas

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The Haaks is a show band who have been playing full-time for the past 24 years. They are touring in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains and are entertaining in the ski resorts. The band consist of Johan Hakeröd, Jonas Hakeröd, Mattias Andersson, Roger Christensson and Henrik Dahlström. The Haaks is a guest blogger of Onspot´s official Blog. For more info:


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