Snow chains - Driving on slippery roads in France with heavy vehicles!

Written by Thomas Ancart,

Since November 2021, a new regulation is applying when you are driving in France during winter time. This concerns snow chains. Learn more here.

On October 19, 2021, the French government published a new decree concerning the « Loi Montagne II » according to which winter tires and snow chains become mandatory for all vehicles (professionals and individuals) circulating in mountain areas. Find the Press Release below:

Each year, from 1/11 to 31/3, if you drive in mountain areas in France, your vehicle must be equipped with snow tires or “snow chains” adapted to your vehicle. The "snow chains" can be traditional snow chains or other equivalent removable traction aid devices. The device must meet the technical requirements defined in article 9-12 of the Order of July 18, 1985 relating to anti-skid devices on tires. Our Onspot system can also be used.

Depending on the device used the driver and equipment may be placed at risk. For instance, if they are using conventional snow chains, then the driver must get out of the vehicle and deal with the task of having to strap these chains around the tires. The process of chaining up leads to down time where the driver can spend hours on the side of the road.

One such device to consider for your traction needs is the Onspot automatic snow chains system. Onspot system is ready at the press of a button from the cabin. Click below to read more.

All about automatic snow chains


Learn more about traction aid for hevy vehicles in the free resources here

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