School Bus Driver- Overcoming Snow and Ice

Written by Shane Woodman,

The role of a school bus driver is extremely important. You are trusted by parents all over the world to get their children to and from school safely and on-time. It is a job you should be proud of. As a school bus driver, do you often wonder what else you can do to ensure the safety of the children? I know you do. It’s because you take pride in the job. 

The one area that seems to be difficult and out of our control is mother nature. School bus drivers are asked to drive in rain, wind, sleet, snow, ice, and more. All of which bring a different element of danger to the job. Yet, time after time, you find a way to deliver children home safely.  

Each weather scenario has solutions not everyone is aware of. School bus manufactures, along with countless suppliers, are working to ensure the bus drivers can perform to the best of their abilities. Snow and ice are two of the most dangerous conditions to drive in. How do you feel when driving in those conditions?  

Next time you’re faced with snow or ice, you will feel much more comfortable and confident. The parents may never know you took this extra step to provide safety to their children, but that’s a good thing. It means you’re driving safe and arriving on-time. No matter the conditions… 

Click the link to uncover 6 tips to help you better understand and perform under these adverse conditions.

Tips for driving a school bus in adverse conditions


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