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Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

The wait is over and the Onspot automatic snow chain system has arrived.  Soon traction on snow and ice will be as simple as flipping a dashboard mounted switch.  Gone are the days of having to get out in inclement weather and manually “throw iron”.  This is a tremendous benefit for any driver, but what about the mechanic?

It all starts with the configurator. Here at Onspot we not only focus on what it means for the driver, but also the one performing the installation as well.  Whether the system is installed at the OEM, bodybuilder, dealer, or end user level we strive to ensure the installation is as easy as it is to use the system.  It all starts with the vehicle details. By using the Configurator on the homepage you will get the correct parts. With the information you have regarding your vehicle it i easy to find the right kit.  The mounting brackets for the system are designed for your vehicle.   There are several hundred different ones just to make sure that you will get the best fit.

Installation day arrives and the set(s) are ready to be installed.  When unboxing the Onspot system the installer should confirm receipt of all the necessary parts.  Although there are exceptions, a typical chain system for an air equipped vehicle delivers in four boxes: one box containing the Onspot units, one box containing the brackets and arms, one box containing the vehicle specific switch and one box containing the chain wheels.  Once all the parts are laid out and accounted for it is highly recommended to read through the instructions completely before starting any of the install.  Automatic snow chains are all we do so if there are ever any questions or concerns during an installation our knowledgeable service and sales staff can always be contacted. 

Please click on the link below to see a video with further information, tips, and tricks on installation of the Onspot automatic snow chain system.

How to mount Onspot video


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Leonard D'Orlando

About Leonard D'Orlando

Leonard has six years with Onspot Automatic Tire Chains in North America. Four years as a field technician on the East Coast and two years as a Regional Sales Manager. During the four years as a field technician Leonard provided install and maintenance training to dealers. Leonard also performed fleet reviews for customers and provided technical service support. An alumnus from the University of Maine, Leonard graduated with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Education. Leonard also attended Texas State Technical College where he earned an associate’s degree in automotive mechanics.


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