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Onspot is an important part of the toolbox

Written by Torstein Magelsen, February 28, 2022

- We have chosen to have Onspot on the entire truck fleet as an important contribution to safety. For safety has priority 1 in our company. Ordinary chain is the first choice, and should be used if it is mandatory. Onspot is there as a help as you did not anticipate that it was slippery, says HSE - manager of Litra Gass AS, Bård Ivar Bru.

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Long experience with Onspot automatic snow chain.

Written by Torstein Magelsen, February 19, 2022

- We have a large vehicle fleet, with the main emphasis on heavy trucks, but do not have Onspot on the entire fleet. We have so much experience that we know which vehicles will drive where, with what, and where it's right with Onspot. Read more here.

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- I feel far safer with Onspot!

Written by Torstein Magelsen, February 9, 2022

Driver Ole Jonny Sunde drives long-distance transport in Western Norway:
- I feel far safer with Onspot! Learn more here.

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Rydell & Quick - Spotlight on Onspot

Written by Sofia Eriksson, July 24, 2021

Corporate events, city festivals, after beach and above all after ski. The rock band Rydell & Quick is usually touring all year round all over Sweden, and trusts that the touring truck will take them where they want. Thanks to Onspot, it does.

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When the only option is the best solution

Written by Sofia Eriksson, July 9, 2021

What do you do when the sand spreader no longer fits on the truck? Erik Pettersson at J&E Pettersson transport company in Stugun in Jämtland, Sweden, chose to test Onspot on one of his trucks  - and soon there will be more.

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Haaks - It is a good feeling and gives an incomparable security.

Written by Sofia Eriksson, June 25, 2021

During the pandemic, they have become an internet phenomenon and top streaming lists throughout the Nordic region. In normal cases, the entertainment band Haaks travels the roads of Sweden in their Mercedes Sprinter - and Onspot is an obvious part of the equipment.

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