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When the only option is the best solution

Written by Sofia Eriksson, July 9, 2021

What do you do when the sand spreader no longer fits on the truck? Erik Pettersson at J&E Pettersson transport company in Stugun in Jämtland, Sweden, chose to test Onspot on one of his trucks  - and soon there will be more.

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Fleet efficiency - The best way to avoid hassle

Written by Sofia Eriksson, June 15, 2021

Reliable grip without a lot of hassle - it should be a matter of course so that the cars can perform. This is the reasoning of Cem Kizilkaya, vehicle manager at the environmental contractor Sortera in Sweden

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New bracket kit for MAN TGM N38

Written by Onspot International, November 29, 2017

 A new Onspot bracket kit for MAN TGM N38 is now available.

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New bracket kit for Scania Buses

Written by Onspot International, July 10, 2017

 A new Onspot bracket kit for Scania Buses is now available.

When transporting people you encounter needs to improve performance in slippery conditions. An automatic snow chain system like Onspot is very effective. For buses it is usually tricky to construct bracket kits. There are usually not much space surrounding the suspension and the rear axle. This is natural since you want to bring as many passengers and as much lugage as posible.

This Scania bracket for Onspot includes some extra modifications to fit. All is done in close cooperation with Scania workshops during the developement phase.


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New bracket kit for Scania Gen. 6

Written by Onspot International, June 26, 2017

 A new Onspot bracket kit for Scania trucks of the new Generation 6 is now available.

You are always receiving a switch inside the complete kit. Up until now we have been delivering the switch for the older versions of the truck and now we also have kits with the new switch.



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