- I feel far safer with Onspot!

Written by Torstein Magelsen,

Driver Ole Jonny Sunde drives long-distance transport in Western Norway:
- I feel far safer with Onspot! Learn more here.

- Onspot has saved me in many situations. I have had cases where I thought the road was bare, but then it froze until after I got the last report from a colleague. Then Onspot has saved me many times, simply made sure that I have come up the last meters of the hill.

That's what Ole Jonny Sunde, (53 years old) says with a long time on demanding Western Norwegian roads with tough mountain passes. He is a driver at Transferd, with headquarters in Førde. He himself lives on beautiful Skei in Jølster. He drives for Transferd for a week and runs his own business with minibuses the second week.

- I started in the company as a 16-year-old, at the goods warehouse. Dad then had a long career in what was then called Firda Billag. As soon as I got a drivers license, I became a driver in the same company and since then I have stuck to it. Now the next generation, my son, is also a driver in the company. This is inherited, he says with a smile.

TransferdA 4-3 640wOle Jonny Sundet atTransferd has extensive experience as a truck driver on demanding western Norwegian roads. Driving with a total weight of 50 tonnes. - I feel much safer when I know I have Onspot with me if the road surprises. (photo by Benjamin Sunde)

Ole Jonny has extensive experience on the road and has driven both Scania, Man and Volvo before it became an MB Actros 3 years ago. He drives long-distance transports, mostly between Trondheim and Bergen.

- I run a semi with cheese for Tine, pick up at the dairy in Byrkjelo. I drive a full load - a total of 50 tons - to Trondheim and unload and then load other finished products for Tine which I drive to Bergen. Well then, there are demanding roads with many mountain passes, such as Utvikfjellet and Strynefjellet which can be very demanding.

Ole Jonny says Onspot can not replace full-fledged chains, but that has not been the intention either. But Onspot has saved him from many unpleasant situations, in that it has helped him up the hill where he thought it was not slippery.

- Once I came down Lærdalsdalen, it was suddenly black ice and cars lay and stood  on the roadside down. I slowed down and in turns with a lot of dosing, I activated Onspot to ensure friction on the rear wheels and I managed completely down without any dangerous situations. The places I should have stopped were all packed with cars that had problems.

Only a few of the long-distance transport vehicles for Transferd has Onspot - in addition, some distribution vehicles have also fitted this.

- Now a new MB Actros 630 has been ordered which I look forward to using. It is of course equipped with Onspot, says Ole Jonny with a smile.


Transferd AS
Although the company is relatively new, established on 1 January 2011, Transferd has long traditions in land-based freight transport. The company is a result of the merger of Fjord1 Transport AS and the goods part of Firda Billag AS. This means that both the administration and the drivers have a long driving time and good knowledge of the challenges on Norwegian roads.

Located: Førde

Business:Transferd undertakes both small and large transport assignments. They have knowledge, experience and not least material that allows them to solve varied and complex transport needs. The company transports both locally, regionally and nationally and also solves international assignments when needed. Number of employees; 120. Number of vehicles: about 80. Transferd is Fair Transport and ISO certified.

Customer at Onspot since 1999

I use Onspot because it provides extra security and saves me from unpleasant situations.

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