Haaks - It is a good feeling and gives an incomparable security.

Written by Sofia Eriksson,

During the pandemic, they have become an internet phenomenon and top streaming lists throughout the Nordic region. In normal cases, the entertainment band Haaks travels the roads of Sweden in their Mercedes Sprinter - and Onspot is an obvious part of the equipment.

When Haaks from Hamburgsund, Sweden, are on tour, they are often in the Norwegian and Swedish mountain areas. And of course they attract attention with their music and their performances. But there are other things that catch the eye as well.

- I do not know how many times people have thrown themselves into the snow by our car to look at Onspot and been impressed by the smart and simple construction. I get to show it all the time, says Johan Hakeröd, singer and front person in the band.

He is the one who mostly drives the band's Mercedes Sprinter, packed with musical instruments, equipment and the five band members. Onspot has saved them many times, both from driving off the road and arriving late.

- Imagine the hill up to the inn in Tandådalen, Sweden,  when the snow is packed and there is ice on top during spring and winter. It is a typical situation when it feels really nice to just be able to press a button and continue. Had we not had Onspot, we would never have come up, he says.

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Johan Hakeröd points out that Onspot does just as much good downhill on winding, steep mountain roads where it is important that braking and maneuverability are kept intact.

- It is a good feeling and gives an incomparable security.

During the pandemic, there have been no live shows in the ski resort areas, but Haaks has instead become an internet phenomenon. Every Friday, they have visited to some company and livestreamed over Facebook, and in that way reached an unimaginable quarter of a million people a week. Now they top the streaming lists in the Nordics and Johan Hakeröd is pleased to note that they have become both list leaders and influencers in the old days.

- People from all over Sweden watch us, from Ystad to Jokkmokk. It's like an underground movement with Friday entertainment. I am very proud that we have managed to get through the pandemic and can continue to live on our music.

Now he is looking forward to go on the road again, meeting the fans for real and exposing the Onspot chains to some trials again.
- Right now I only test drive them at home on the farm at regular intervals, just as you should. So that I know they are ready for challenges again.


Location: In Hamburgsund, Sweden,  but can be seen all over the world on Facebook and on tour in Sweden and Norway.

Founded: 1992.

Business: Is one of Sweden's most hired entertainment bands and has done 4,500 gigs. The last year mostly on the internet. This spring, they have a record by performing 22 gigs and playing over 300 songs without repeating a single song twice.

User of Onspot: Since 2014.

Uses Onspot because: "For us, it is both an economic issue and a security issue. If we do not arrive on time, we will be fined. In addition, it is a security in several ways; we know we can trust Onspot. ”

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