Mechanics- You are the unsung hero of the fleet

Written by Shane Woodman,


A mechanic is vital to the health of a truck, bus, van, etc.. As a driver of the vehicle, its somewhat overlooked. Read more here


We get in, turn on the engine, put it in gear, and press the gas. Magic! We move down the road. What the driver didn’t see was the gas line leaking all night or the extremely low tire pressure on the back right wheel. You, the mechanic, worked into the night so that vehicle could do its job the next day and the driver would be safe. The mechanic is undoubtedly the unsung hero of any fleet.

Everyday countless people step onto an airplane. In the back of our minds, we understand something could go wrong, but it’s the safest form of transportation. Is that by luck? Sure, great engineers designed wonderful engines, but it’s the mechanics that check everything about it to ensure the safety of the passengers. Again, the unsung heroes of the air.

garage-hanging-mechanic wsII 1920

In today’s world of electronics and reduced emissions, the job of a mechanic is becoming harder and harder. You must stay up to the latest technology and fully understand it. You do it because you are good, and your job and you care deeply. That’s what makes you the unsung hero of the fleet.

At Onspot, we hear and understand the difficult challenges you face. In an everchanging world, our goal is to simplify. We listened to what was needed and acted. From the conversations came an online training platform call E-Training. In our E-Training you will find courses on how to install, operate, adjust, and more.

This is another tool or resource for you to put in your toolbox. If there is a course you feel we are missing, please reach out. We built it for you. Let’s make sure it meets your needs.



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