Improving Truck Productivity e-Training Drivers Education

Written by Eric Carlebom,

Competition in the trucking industry is fierce, and it's crucial to deliver the goods on time. Keeping to your schedule is a must if you want satisfied customers. Fleet managers need to prioritize safety and have the proper training for the truck drivers to stick to the timetable. Read more here:

As a trucking company owner, you are faced with numerous crucial decisions that sometimes need to be made quickly. From personnel issues to ordering the right trucks and choosing the appropriate fuel, there is no shortage of considerations. Making swift decisions is essential.

However, keeping up with the rapidly flowing information can be challenging. This is also true for today's truck drivers, who must stay updated and knowledgeable. But what actions can you, as a fleet manager, take to ensure that your staff is well-informed and up to date?

The development of new trucks is moving quickly, especially when it comes to transitioning from combustion engines to renewable energy sources such as electricity, hydrogen, and biofuels. While it's now common to see electric cars on our roads, the trucking industry is also starting to embrace "100% Electric." This presents a lot of new challenges for drivers, such as how to operate an electric truck, dealing with range anxiety, and managing battery charging.

Additionally, there's a plethora of new equipment on trucks, including driver assistance systems, cameras, GPS systems, and automatic snow chains, among others. The list goes on, and it's crucial for drivers and fleet managers to stay knowledgeable and educated about all these features. Time pressure and intense competition are part of a truck driver and fleet owner's daily life, making it essential to deliver shipments on time. How can one find the time to stay updated and informed about all the functions of a truck? Can training benefit the operations of a trucking company?

Having a bunch of equipment that nobody knows how to use is of no use. However, if drivers are well-versed in their tools, they can have a better workday and overcome obstacles on the roads that may cause delays.

That's why we have developed a free training portal that can be found at . The training can be started whenever convenient and covers various aspects of how drivers can best learn to use automatic snow chains on trucks.

The system is easy to use, but there are tips and tricks that even experienced drivers may not know. Therefore, it's a good idea to start the training today in preparation for the upcoming winter season. Once all the steps are completed, participants will receive a certification for completing the training.

Click on the link to start the training now.



Improving Fleet Productivity e-training drivers education

Eric Carlebom

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