How to keep your Onspots working properly

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Working habits could become bad habits

We tend to do as we always do. Many things in everyday life become habits, and we don’t reflect on them. At least until something goes wrong, or we get some other trigger to change our routines. To most people, driving is one such habit, irrespective of if we’re professional drivers or just drive the family car.

Think back to when you left driving school. Your mind was full of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts and a lot of advice from teachers and experienced drivers. But today, do you really remember literally all traffic signs and rules? I don’t…

Knowledge and advice we don’t use or are reminded of fade away over time and we forget. This is naturally human.

Some things are worth reconsidering

Most habits could be considered as sub-optimized behavior, since we don’t continuously re-evaluate and improve. Imagine going back to driving school and compare what we learned with how we actually behave today – I believe there is a potential for improvement here…

For example, I’m sure there are thousands and thousands of drivers who don’t use the Onspot in the optimal way. Simply because when they first got the Onspot they didn’t reflect on the advice on how to optimally use it, or they just forgot over time. And I’m quite sure the same applies to mechanics; there are thousands of mechanics who didn’t make the recommended Onspot procedures part of their own routines.

Consequently, drivers and mechanics around the world could improve their routines according to safety, productivity and cost-efficiency. That’s why it’s worth to regularly remind everyone on how to properly use and handle Onspots – either as a driver or as a mechanic. This reminder may be the trigger to change and improve routines.

But first, it is important that your Onspots are installed in the right way. Watch the video of How to mount Onspot.

How to mount Onspot video


Winter equipment For Mechanics Maintenance

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