How to keep your fleet on the road - E-Training

Written by Shane Woodman,

Attention to all mechanics! In the dynamic landscape of vehicle components, staying abreast of changes can pose challenges to your daily tasks. Read more to learn how our E-training can help you stay current in todays market!

Frequently, alterations occur without prior notice, making it a surprise when a different-looking vehicle rolls into your workshop. While this can be frustrating, your resilience and dedication to your craft have enabled you to not only adapt but also thrive in your role, keeping vehicles on the road. 

At Onspot, we understand the complexities you face. Recognizing the significance of your time and skills, we've taken a proactive step to simplify your professional life. Introducing our E-training program designed exclusively for mechanics like you. This initiative allows you to enhance your knowledge and skill set efficiently, ensuring you remain well-prepared for any changes in the field. By investing a small amount of time in our quick and straightforward signup process, you'll gain access to valuable resources that will undoubtedly save you time and effort in the long run. Join us in making your job more manageable and staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of vehicle maintenance.  


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Shane Woodman

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Shane serves as the Global Sales Director, bringing a decade of valuable industry expertise to his role. He holds an MBA from Walden University and completed his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University. Beyond his professional pursuits, Shane treasures moments with his family—his wife Ashlee, son Palmer, and daughter Charlee. During weekends, you'll often find Shane on the golf course, dedicated to refining his skills and enjoying his favorite pastime.


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