Can Automatic Snow Chains be installed on a Dodge Ram?

Thomas Kaiser,

Onspot automatic snow chains can be used on several different types of vehicles; trucks, busses, coaches, rescue vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks etc. Occationally, customers come to us for help finding a solution where Onspots can be mounted on a new type of vehicle. One such exampel is the Dodge Ram. 

We are always very glad when customers come back to us and let us know if/how it worked out. Sometimes the words from our customers touch us extra extensively and make our day. One such example is the feed-back we recieved this week from The Ambofix AG in Switzerland, who we helped install Onspots on their Dodge Ram. 

I am very pleased to share the story from Daniel Ambühl at the Ambofix with you.

How we made the almost impossible possible...

We, the Ambofix AG in Biberist, have for a long time been an importer of the automatic snow chains from Onspot. As a Swiss company, our customers are regularly confronted with difficult driving conditions due to the mountains, snow and ice. Our customers are especially enthusiastic about the fact that the snow chains are easy to install and that they are both low-maintenance and reliable. Like Onspot, we also want the best for our customers. So in 2016 we made the almost impossible possible. We were the first to have the Onspot automatic snow chains installed on a Dodge Ram. Thanks to the uncomplicated,  and efficient cooperation with Onspot and their professional expertise, we succeeded!

We are convinced of the quality of the Onspot automatic snow chains, the simple and fast installation time and of course the price.

                                                                          Daniel Ambühl, Ambofix ag, Switzerland 

Thank you Daniel for sharing your experience with us at Onspot and for your nice words. Also we are very happy when we can find a solution together with the customer that works out in the best way.

The Onspot Configurator

Do you want to know what kind of Onspot kit that goes for your precise vehicle? Find it out in the Onspot Configurator.

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