How the commercial driver stays on schedule

Boel Haglund,

The fact that schedules and deadlines are critical for transport operations is not news. Missed deadlines could mean profit loss and even lost contracts but may also result in causing a bad reputation for the company. The professional driver is well aware of this and knows how to keep up their schedule. However, missed deadlines may occur due to instances beyond the control of even the best drivers.  There are different ways to deal with the possibilities of these unfortunate circumstances.

Think about it: For the driver, it’s easy to stick with habits and routines without considering that there are measures, other than the usual, that may help to keep up with your schedule. If the unexpected occurs and you’re delayed for reasons out of your control, seemingly farfetched precautions may turn out to be the keys that help you make it on time. In this way, the attentive and well-prepared driver can increase the probability of keeping up with the schedule – even when the unexpected happens.

There are precautions drivers can take to avoid delays.  Some are precautions are obvious while others require some thought. We've put together our tips for keeping up with your schedule into a convenient guide. Feel free to download it below. 

Download our guide of how to keep up with your schedule

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Boel was previously Digital Marketing Manager at VBG Group Truck Equipment, in Vänersborg, Sweden. She has over ten years of experience in the field, and received an MBA from University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law. When she is not crafting different digital media strategies you can find her busy cheering in the stands of Gothenburg Cheer One, renovating the garden and finding new material for her autobiography.
Boel était auparavant responsable du marketing digital chez VBG Group Truck Equipment, à Vänersborg, en Suède. Elle a plus de dix ans d'expérience dans le domaine et a obtenu un MBA de la School of Business, Economics and Law de l'Université de Göteborg. Lorsqu'elle n'élabore pas différentes stratégies en matière de médias numériques, vous pouvez la trouver acclamée dans les stands de Gothenburg Cheer One, rénover son jardin et trouver de nouveaux éléments pour son autobiographie.


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