How does Onspot impact fleets?

Maritza Hernandez,

Here is what David Anderson, Director of Transportation & Fleet at Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Colorado has to say about Onspot automatic snow chains on their school buses:

“Onspots are great tools! Give them some general maintenance and they last the life of the bus.”

What does a fleet manager say about Onspot?

The Adams 12 Five Star Schools fleet serves five cities and includes two counties transporting about 11,000 of the 40,000 students in the district.  Winter conditions in this mountainous area can impact travel especially at student bus stops.  Equipping their buses with Onspot has allowed for reliable travel to and from school for the district’s students.

What has improved for the Adams 12 Five Star School fleet?

  • Driver confidence
  • Driver safety and convenience
  • Transportation efficiency during inclement weather


How have Onspots improved the Adams 12 Five Star School fleet?

  • Ease of Use of the Onspot system increased driver satisfaction.
  • Effectiveness of the Onspot system allowed for safe travel in snow and ice conditions.
  • Reliability of the Onspot system allowed for efficient time management and peace of mind.


The final word from David Anderson

David stated, “The Onspot system is a very reasonable and easy to maintain system.  And so, we found it to be the most successful.”

Fleet managers must ensure efficiency of their time management, drivers and the reliability of the vehicles under their care.  David has found success with Onspot.

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Maritza Hernandez

About Maritza Hernandez

Maritza is the Marketing Coordinator at Onspot of North America. She has been with Onspot for nine years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Investigative Services. She moved from Connecticut to Indiana in 2016. When she is not working, she can be found reading, walking her dog Petey or discovering the sights and sounds of Indiana.
Maritza est la coordonnatrice du marketing chez Onspot en Amérique du Nord. Elle travaille chez Onspot depuis neuf ans et est titulaire d'un baccalauréat en sciences en justice pénale - Services d'enquête. Elle a déménagé du Connecticut à l'Indiana en 2016. Lorsqu'elle ne travaille pas, on peut la trouver en train de lire, promener son chien Petey ou découvrir les images et les sons de l'Indiana.
Maritza är marknadskoordinator på Onspot i Nordamerika. Hon har varit hos Onspot i nio år och har en Bachelor of Science i Criminal Justice - Investigative Services. Hon flyttade från Connecticut till Indiana 2016. När hon inte arbetar, kan hon hittas läsaande, rasta sin hund Petey eller upptäcka Indiana's sevärdheter.


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