How do commercial drivers succeed in today's trucking industry?

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Being a driver of a commercial vehicle today demands a lot. You must be a skilled driver and good at finding your way to the delivery destination. You must also always make your deliveries at the correct place and at the correct time.

At the same time, drivers must contend with external obstacles like traffic regulations, trucking industry requirements, lack of skilled drivers, operating costs and bad weather conditions just to name a few. We hope this blog will give you some good input about how to solve at least one of these obstacles.

Saving lives

Driver security is crucial. An important part of driver security is that you have and maintain a vehicle in good condition. With a well maintained vehicle, everything will function properly. Your deliveries will arrive at the right location, on time. Your family and friends will be glad when you return home safe and on time as well.

Your vehicle being and kept in good condition is equally important for those of us working and traveling alongside your truck or bus. Maintaining a vehicle in good condition is an important way to minimize the occurrence of accidents thus keeping all travelers on the road safe and happy.

Deliveries on time

To deliver your shipments, no matter what, to the right place at the right time is one of the basic tasks of a commercial vehicle driver. Accuracy and timeliness should always be performed at your maximum because not being on time could cost your employer large amounts in penalty fees. Being a part of the ”just in time” economy states that you always deliver, regardless of external issues that may hinder and having a vehicle that is properly equipped for this purpose is a must.

Intelligent gearboxes working together with GPS systems to allow for optimum fuel consumption is getting more and more common. However, some other issues are not possible to solve with these new products such as when you are unable to go further due to ice or other slippery conditions. Unfortunately, you cannot add friction and traction digitally so you have to get out of your vehicle and throw sand or gravel under the tires. In the worst cases of slippery conditions, you have to mount regular manual snow chains.

What if there were a better, more modern way? Keep reading :-)


Reputation as a skilled driver

Being the best driver at the company is a good feeling. You are one of those whom management relies on. You are one of the ones they ask for advice from when new vehicles are being specified for that new, important agreement your company has secured. They look to you for advice because you have a good reputation since customers always mention you are always on time and with a ready smile. Also, your workshop manager acknowledges you as one of the drivers who always keeps their vehicle in good condition and takes care of it.

Your status as a skilled and knowledgeable driver also gives your company a good reputation. It is the reliable company with the skilled drivers. Since your company supplied you with a well equipped vehicle, it is easier to maintain it and focus on your driving and your assigned tasks.

Since a lot of us operate in areas with slippery road conditions, having friction and traction is important to be able to accomplish our work. Sometimes these slippery conditions are just during the early morning hours prior to sunrise but, for others, these are the every day conditions for months.

Different solutions

The obstacle of driving on slippery roads can be addressed in different ways. Onspot's website homepage contains a good comparison between systems and outlines the pros and cons.

Click here to get there.

Also, there is a short film showcasing drivers of different types of vehicles sharing their experiences with the automatic snow chain system. Click below to watch it (it is just under two minutes long)

Why I use Onspot

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