Emergency response -How to increase accessibility in winter road conditions?

Written by Eric Carlebom,

When winter comes to Sweden, fine dry country roads can quickly change into wet roads that freeze into ice. If it then starts snowing on the road, this does not make matters better. If you as a rescue vehicle driver gets an alarm right then, it can become difficult on the roads. That can delay the precious response time. But there are solutions. Read more here.

Sweden's road network consists of about 98,500 km of state roads and has about 16,000 bridges that can freeze during the winter season. Sweden is a long country and the climate can vary depending on where in the country you live. Up in northern Sweden, there can be nice snow-covered winter roads with good road grip, while in southern Sweden rain can turn into ice-slippery roadways. 

Working as a rescue driver requires that you are well prepared for the many challenges that may arise in the daily work. Everything from managing your vehicles, keeping up to date on all functions and equipment can be a demanding job. Practicing minimizing the important response time is extremely important in order to ultimately save lives. 

Suddenly, the alarm sounds and you and your colleagues have to hurry to get the fire truck quickly on the way. There is a strong wind and the snow is heavy on the road. Traffic thickens and queues form. It is possible to take a shortcut over an unpaved road to arrive at the accident. The driver presses the button in the cab to activate the fire truck's automatic snow chains that are thrown under the truck's tires. The road grip is immediately improved and you turn out onto the snowy gravel road without any problems. Getting there on time is the most important thing for the rescue driver to be able to save lives. Knowing that you have the right equipment on the fire truck or ambulance is a key factor. 

There is a lot of equipment to choose from and therefore we have compiled a guide where you can compare the different options to increase the accessibility of the rescue vehicle. 

Read more here about automatic snow chains and the different options 


 Comparing different ways of overcoming slippery road conditions


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