Are automatic snow chains expensive – or cheap?

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

At the cost of approx. €3,000 for a complete system, automatic snow chains may seem costly to some. Still, there are others who without hesitation order and mount automatic snow chains on their every new vehicle, obviously finding them well worth the price. And, this has not necessarily to do with the financial status of the vehicle owner...

For a vehicle that never, or very rarely, is driven in icy or slippery road conditions, automatic tire chains are not a very good investment. But, for a driver who very often – possibly daily for extended periods – encounters icy roads, the safety and convenience of automatic snow chains may come as a bargain. So, where is the line between expensive and cheap?

A price for safety
First, automatic snow chains are a safety feature. A heavy vehicle out of traction on the road is a risk to public road safety. Traction aid is a means for regaining vehicle control and road safety accordingly.
Traction is gained instantly, at the push of a button. Thus, the time when the vehicle is uncontrolled is kept to a minimum. This also adds to road safety.
As the system is engaged from the cab, the driver will not expose himself to the risks of standing unprotected at the roadside, possibly in bad visual condition, for mounting snow chains.

A price for security and well-being
The tedious work of mounting snow chains makes some drivers reluctant to make a stop and mount. As a result, they wait to the very last minute before mounting – or unmounting – which isn't optional from a safety perspective.

A driver who benefits from the convenience of automatic snow chains will most likely be secure and confident should the need for traction aid occur. There simply isn't any hassle with automatic snow chains, which reduces the driver's stress level.

A price for time-saving
Time is money. Accordingly, the total time saved by avoiding delays from a standstill without road grip and all the time mounting conventional chains comes at a value. Considering the long service life of automatic snow chains, the value of the accumulated time saving may by far exceed the price of the investment. Not to mention the not measurable values of making it in time for rescue vehicles, public buses, or critical goods transportation.

Expensive or cheap?
Are your insurances expensive? For anyone who never needed making an insurance claim, the cost may seem expensive. However, for those whose health or property has been saved by insurance, the insurance price is negligible.

The price tag on automatic snow chains may seem expensive, but all the benefits come very cheaply.

Browse the free online resource, All about automatic snow chains, to learn more. 


All about automatic snow chains

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