5 Tyre Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Written by Eric Jones,

The winter weather is upon us and it’s time to begin thinking about maintaining traction on icy road surfaces. The U.S. Department of transportation has compiled the following list of tips for keeping your tyres in good working condition.

Tyre inspection – Examine your tyres each day for the following:

  • Irregular tread wear
  • Cracking
  • Bulges
  • Inadequate tread depth
  • Cuts
  • Foreign objects
  • Other damage

Inflation pressure – Improper inflation pressure affects tyre wear and fuel efficiency

  • Gauge tyres when they are cold before each trip and adjust as necessary


  • Use only approved tyre and rim combinations of the appropriate width and diameter
  • Mismatched components may explode leading to injury or death

Extreme loading

  • Overloading or under inflation causes excessive heat build-up and internal structural damage that can lead to immediate or premature failure


  • Tyres have a speed rating and excessive speed will lead to damage and/or premature failure

In poor driving conditions even the most experienced commercial drives encounter challenges in maintaining control. Vehicle and tyre traction can be enhanced with several different types of equipment. Check out our guide with the pros and cons of each solution.

Methods to increase traction

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