5 Tips for efficient driving when winter weather strikes

Maritza Hernandez,

It happens every year and every year it surprises us, catching us off guard.  We are, of course, talking about the winter season and the host of winter weather problems it brings.

While we cannot control the weather, we can adapt our businesses to the conditions it brings like slippery roads.  Any fleet manager, mechanic or driver in the transportation industry knows that untreated roads and poorly equipped trucks can cause major problems and increase costs.

We have witnessed cities and towns disregarding weather reports and not preparing roads for winter storm events.  So, preparation is key to keep trucks on the road and maintain this vital link to the global economy. In each country you have different regulations. Here you will find an overview of the regulations indifferent countries in Europe: https://www.onspot.com/en-GB/knowledge/rules--regulations/europe/

It is crucial that shipments arrive safely and on time and properly equipped vehicles are key to maintaining the supply chain of materials and goods globally.  In addition to adapting to different weather conditions, the transportation industry must also integrate recommendations and laws to ensure their safety and compliance such as the legal requirements for both winter tires and snow chains. 

We have produced a summary which you can review with your drivers to make their journeys as safe as possible. Check out our tips for ways of making your journey more efficient when winter weather strikes and how you can improve your fleet uptime. It’s a good investment for your company.

How to improve performance on icy roads


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Maritza Hernandez

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