How to keep up with your schedule

Written by Boel Haglund,


The fact that schedules and deadlines are critical for most transport operations is no news. Actually, missed deadlines could mean temporary profit loss and even lost contracts – not to speak about the bad company reputation that may result. The professional driver is of course well aware of this and hopefully he knows how to keep up with the schedule. Accordingly, missed deadlines could be blamed on things beyond his control – a missed deadline is blamed on chance. However, there are different ways to deal with chance.

Think about it: For the driver, it’s easy to stick with habits and routines without further considering if there are measures, other than the usual, to be taken that may help to keep up with the schedule. If the unexpected occurs and you’re delayed for reasons out of your control, seemingly farfetched precautions may turn out to be the keys that help you make it in time. In this way, the attentive and well-prepared driver can increase the probability of keeping up with the schedule – even when chance strikes…

Do you really know all the tips and tricks for keeping up with the schedule? I suggest you download our “Tips for how to keep up with your schedule” and give it a second thought.

The guide of how to keep up with your schedule

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