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Written by Sofia Eriksson,

Reliable grip without a lot of hassle - it should be a matter of course so that the cars can perform. This is the reasoning of Cem Kizilkaya, vehicle manager at the environmental contractor Sortera in Sweden

The 135 green vehicles of Sortera, in variousl sizes, pick up construction waste, drive to recycling facilities, clean stormwater wells and transport gravel, stone and macadam. The company is expansive and the green cars are becoming an increasingly common sight in society.

- We drive in quite complicated places. Unpaved roads in summer cottage areas in the winter with hilly and narrow passages. We need to get everywhere, says Cem Kizilkaya, who is responsible for the vehicles at Sortera Recycling, the part of the company that handles recycling transports.

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To make the tasks as hassle-free and simple as possible for the drivers, Onspot is mounted on many of the vehicles.

- It is an advantage that you can activate Onspot from inside the cab. It saves time; our cars should perform eight hours a day, that's it. It's safer for the drivers when they do not have to go out and put on conventional chains.

But it does not always work as intended.

- Last winter, one of our crane changers lost his grip on an ice uphill - it had snowed, thawed and snowed again so the driver could not see how slippery it really was. The car slid down right into an electrical cabinet. Fortunately, no one was injured and we got the car up with a rescuer, says Cem Kizilkaya.

It turned out that one of the Onspot chains was stuck and did not fold out properly.

- It may have been due to the fact that it has not been used for a long time. We tell our drivers that they must have the routine to test Onspot a few times even during the summer so that they know that everything works flawlessly when it is in sharp mode.

Onspot should be activated about 50 meters every month regardless of weather and surface. Because that's how it is; regular care and checks are required for safety, this applies to all parts of the vehicle. Cem Kizilkaya wishes that Onspot would be such an obvious part of everyday life and the car's equipment that it never even became a topic of conversation.

- The best thing would be if no one came back after the end of the working day and said "oh well, what luck that I had Onspot, otherwise it would have gone bad". It should be a habit, much like the car has brakes or headlights. You should just use it, not have to think about it and then a dangerous situation does not even have to arise.


Sortera Group

Location:Throughout Sweden and own facilities in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Founded: 2006.

Business: Has approximately 340 employees in three areas: Recycling, Industry and Materials. The assignments are in environmental contracting with a focus on construction and civil engineering waste and can apply to everything from material transport and decontamination to suction truck services and high-altitude lifting

Customer at Onspot: Since 2007.

Uses Onspot because: “Function and simplicity are more important than anything. Onspot is not the cheapest solution on the market but definitely the one that saves the most time and causes the least hassle. It is also safer to press a button in the cab than to lie on the road and work. ”

Fleet Managers Automatic Snow Chains onspot Fleet Productivity

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