Winter Driving- Tips for driving a school bus in winter weather

Written by Eric Jones,

We all know that driving a school bus can be a stressful job on a good day. Winter driving conditions make an already tough job even more difficult. We have assembled six tips to help you take the stress out of driving in winter weather.

Preparation reduces stress and improves safety

School bus drivers are in a unique class of commercial operators. Unlike most drivers who deliver equipment or supplies, their cargo is our most precious asset – children.

As a driver, preparing yourself mentally and physically are the first steps. However, we can’t forget about the bus itself, which by utilizing a host of strategies and solutions can improve performance in poor conditions. Our six tips for winter driving cover each of these areas in detail.

How do you prepare?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the guide and how you prepare for driving in winter weather. Once you’ve finished reading our tips, we invite you back to this page to comment and share your best practices.

Click the button below to download our guide to “Driving a School Bus in Adverse Conditions.”

Tips for driving a school bus in adverse conditions

School Bus Safety

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