Why measure the vehicle to conquer slippery roads?

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Why should you take the measurments of a vehicle to be able to beat the slippery roads? Learn more here

Being a Fleet Manager for a fleet of vehicles is interesting. You want your company to deliver on time. To do that you make sure that your drivers perform well.

With the slippery roads during the winter you have been looking into the different solutions that are available. That is because you take care of your staff and make sure that they can reach the destinations at the right time. This is all according to what you have promised your customers.

Since you are a well prepared person you have come to the conclusion that automatic tire chains are the most effective way to solve the sudden arising problem. Your employees rely and trust in you in these matters.

Fleet Manager Explaining 4-3

Then comes the time to figure out if the systems are available for your vehicles. With a range of different vehicles in your fleet it can be challenging to know if you can equip all the vehicles. This task is easily done by using the measurement forms on the Onspot homepage.

Use the overview of them to get a first indication if all your vehicle axle types are listed.

The next step is to have the vehicles measured. With the forms filled out you can order the right parts. There is even a short video explaining how to perform the measurements.

Measuring Forms 1080w

Vehicles operating in areas with changing climates over the year should not be stopped by winter conditions. It is as easy as that. Everyone knows this and is expecting the professionals, within the transport sectors to prepare for it. When that is not accomplished the news tells the story about delays and people waiting in areas on the roads during days with heavy snow.

Your mechanics can take the measurements on your vehicles and order them at your local Onspot dealer. If you are using a workshop with your own your mechanics for the install they can study e-training classes to prepare for the installation process. This e-training is offered for free.

By preparing the vehicles like this you tell your customers that you are a true professional in your business. You will have a good feeling when you see the vehicles leaving the company.  Assured with the knowledge that your drivers will be able to make their job, on time, gives you a good peace of mind.

Click on the button below to go directly to the Measurement Instructions / Forms now

Measuring Instructions


Free E-Training, online 24/7, on how to install and use the Onspot system. Click here to sign up  


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