What to think of when working with transportation?

Written by Eric Jones,

The need for transporting goods and services is constantly increasing in our society. It can be products on the way to the stores, parts on the way to a factory, waste transported from your home to the recycle center or people going from one town to another. In almost everything we do, a transport is involved.  When a personal car is not enough, most transports move by trucks or buses.

Logistics and production planning is continually improving so that more and more inventory is literally "on the road," rather than in the warehouse. The delivery goal is "just-in-time." For the Fleet Owner, this is a large part of the value that the transport company offers: to deliver the right things, at the right place, at the right time. 

Different transport companies use the same system

In large parts of the world, we also have winters with cold weather and slippery roads. This makes the everyday planning for the transport company difficult during large parts of the year. Will there be ice on the roads in the early mornings making it hard to get good traction for the vehicles?  In North America, Europe, Japan and other places across the globe, the solution is Onspot, an Automatic Tire Chain System.

fleet owner

In the short video "What Fleet Managers say about Onspot," different Fleet Owners from around the world share their thoughts and experiences and let you know why they are relying on automatic tire chains systems.

Video: What fleet managers say about Onspot

Fleet Managers Improving Fleet Productivity

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