What is Onspot?

Written by Eric Jones,

I’ve worked with Onspot for the past five years and the most common question I still receive is “what do you guys do?”

Conventional tire chains

Let’s take a moment to understand conventional tire chains. I think after comparing them to Onspot you will agree that conventional and Automatic Tire Chain Systems are not even close to the same solution.

A single tire chain takes about 5-15 minutes to install per wheel. Depending on the type of vehicle an installation could take 20-60 minutes. Also, don’t forget that you have to take the chains back off again once you have passed the ice and snow or you will quickly damage the chain, road, or even your vehicle.

I always feel sorry for those drivers who get stuck with the chore of installing conventional chains in freezing weather. Many of the tutorials for these installations actually list “untangling the chains” as a step in the process. Anyone who has come across old Christmas lights or extension cords can appreciate the pain that comes to my mind when I see the word “untangle” in the instructions!

Onspot is something very different

Automatic Tire Chains can be more easily understood by thinking of them as an automatic traction system. The product is specifically designed for each model of commercial vehicle and it remains on the vehicle throughout its life. Once you have Onspot, the stabilizing feel of a conventional tire chain is achieved by simply flipping a switch in the cab. Once you’ve returned to safe conditions the driver simply switches off the system without the need to stop and remove anything from the vehicle.

How do automatic chains wrap around the tire?

Conventional tire chains increase traction by providing a stable surface between the tire and the road surface. If you could simply lay the chains on the road and drive over them when you needed extra grip it would accomplish the same function. Onspot follows this logic and utilizes individual chain strands fitted to a wheel that is lowered to the contact surface. It sounds complicated but it is actually very simple and reliable.

Check out the video below  for a full explanation of how the system works:

Video: Automatic Tire Chains Explained

onspot automatic tire chains Automatic Tire Chains Explained

Eric Jones

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Eric is the Global Sales Director for the Onspot brand. He has over 15 years of industry experience and received an MBA from Ball State University. Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and being active outdoors. On the weekend, you can normally find Eric enjoying a craft beer with food sizzling on the grill.


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