Fire & Rescue exhibitions -What do firefighters say about Onspot?

Written by Eric Carlebom,

When we recently exhibited at the "Fire and Rescue Fair in Västervik" (in Sweden), we did get many questions about Onspot. One of the questions were "can automatic tire chains be used in the summer"? Want to know more about the firefighters' questions and their experiences with automatic tire chains? Read more here

To be able to visit and attend exhibits after the long pandemic is something we have been looking forward to and missed. All the information that we receive from the users, in this case firefighters, is very valuable for our development and knowledge. 

Working as a firefighter can be a challenging and demanding job:
The tasks are varied and one day is often not like the other. Everything from maintaining and testing equipment on the fire trucks is included in the work. Having good strength and conditioning is also important as the work is physically demanding. 

When the alarm goes off, time is of the essence:
Getting your protective clothing on and jumping into the fire truck has to go fast. Emergency response time is very important and nothing should go wrong that can cause delays. Having the right equipment on your fire truck is important and that you are trained on using the vehicle and the extra equipment. Equipment that can help you reach your destination faster and minimize the risk of delays.

Truck equipment: 
A fire truck today is high-tech with a lot of features and equipment, from the simplest shovel to advanced gps systems. It is important that it is easy to use the equipment. The automatic tire chains are permanently mounted on the vehicle and are easily activated by flipping a switch on the dashboard. The system activates quickly and you can safely pass the obstacles.  Although the primary purpose of the Onspot system is for traction on snow and ice we have heard of cases where the chains were used in muddy conditions by firefighters.  

It is possible to use the Onspots in the summer when it is muddy on the road or lawn to increase accessibility.

We advise only doing this as a last resort.  Be aware that the chain wheels will also need to be removed and serviced if they are used in conditions other than snow and ice.

What, then, do firefighters think of our automatic tire chains?
We've interviewed the firefighters and put together a video of their experiences and why it's a good idea to have automatic tire chains on the fire truck. Want to know more and watch the video? Click the button below:

What rescue drivers say...


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Rescue Driving onspot

Eric Carlebom

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