Commercial driver -How can I optimize my driving with automatic tire chains?

Written by Eric Carlebom,

To be a commercial driver today requires a lot from the driver. Trucks are becoming more advanced and it is necessary to keep up with the new technology. This can be helpful if you use the technology properly. In today’s society, everything moves fast for better or worse. Professional drivers often have a hectic schedule, regardless if they drive goods, bulk, or construction.

A few examples of obstacles a commercial driver can face along the roads.
Imagine the morning when the temperature begins to fall, and you are sitting in the truck cab to meet today's challenges. It is raining and the temperature gauge shows just above freezing. The first pick-up must be done within an hour and you speed up. You quickly notice that it is very slippery on the road and you must drive without cargo on a curvy uphill road. Now it's a good thing that your truck is equipped with automatic tire chains. With a simple push of the On / Off button on the dash board, your automatic tire chains are activated. When the Onspot wheel meets the inside of the vehicle tire the chains are thrown under the wheel. When rotating you quickly get the friction back and your grip increases. You can calmly drive up the hill and then disengage the system the same way. You are back on schedule and can continue to drive. But what would have happened if you hadn’t had automatic snow chains installed on your truck?

Another case...
You have just picked up a large load of gravel located in a steep industrial area. It has started to snow heavily, and you must drive into the city to be able to deliver gravel to the construction site that is expecting you. There is snow on the asphalt and the vehicle is carrying a heavy load which can make it difficult to stop at the bottom of the hill. Before you begin to drive down the steep hill, activate your automatic tire chains so you can easily maneuver and stop the truck if needed. When you are down at the bottom of the hill, you deactivate the system and deliver on time.

What should I keep in mind when driving with automatic tire chains?
Remember to activate your automatic tire chains before you reach a slippery area, to make driving as smooth as possible. Also, do not forget to deactivate the system when you have passed the area, and remember to not exceed more than 35 mph to prevent damage to the road surface.

Benefits for the driver & fleet manager?
There are several reasons why your fleet manager should invest in automatic tire chains. The commercial driver gets a better working day with less stress, increased safety and can more easily maintain the schedule. But over time, there are also financial benefits if you expect decreased number of delays during the winter months. It is also an opportunity to attract new drivers and to maintain the fleet company safety policy. 

If you want tips on how to best keep your driving schedule, click on the button and read on.

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