Traction Needed for Heavy Vehicles - The Fundamentals

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Adequate traction is essential for the forward movement of any motorized vehicle. In the absence of proper road grip, wheels will spin, leading to an inability to propel the vehicle. Read more to find out how to improve traction!

When in adverse conditions, especially in winter, traction is essential to arrive on time and safely. This holds true for various vehicle categories, including over-the-road trucks, buses, coaches, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, and private cars, each with its distinct outcomes if stuck without traction. Whether it's a large truck or a personal vehicle, when confronted with spinning wheels on an icy road, the key is to enhance traction to restore road grip and resume smooth driving.

Below, you'll find a button that leads to a resource providing information on how to enhance traction in snowy and icy conditions, covering the what, when, and where aspects. This comprehensive page has been carefully assembled to equip drivers with the necessary knowledge to be fully prepared when traction is crucial.

Traction aids for heavy vehicles

automatic tire chains tire chains Traction aid for heavy vehicles

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