Traction help - different options for the recue vehicle driver

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

When saving lives you have to be on site as a rescue vehicle driver. It comes with the job. In the colder parts of the year that can be a challenge. Read about the options here.

In winter times you are getting the slippery roads from now and then. How much depends on where you are located in the world. With harsh road conditions your window of time, to be able to save lives, is getting smaller. That is for sure stressful, you really want to your community to be confident that you will save them when they need that.

There are several different ways to get a good grip for a rescue vehicle when entering a slippery part of the road. A good overview of the realistic options for such a vehicle have been put together.

It is called “Tire Chains – What alternatives?” and covers automatic tire chains, conventional tire  chains and textile tire socks. It gives a summary of the pros and cons of the different systems.

This free summary is always available on the homepage of Onspot. Download it now or save the link for future references.

Since time is a resource that is scarce, when it comes to saving lives, having to use systems that saves time in the engaging/mounting sequence should be favored. It will give you the extra minutes to access the scene on time and in full control. And every minute counts.

That way you, once again, will be doing your job in the best way you can. Saving lives and property. Having the good feeling coming back to the station knowing that everything went as planned.

When you click on the blue button below you will get access to the comparison of different traction increasing systems:

A comparison: Manual vs Automatic Tire Chains


Learn more on te topic automatic tire chains at the knowledge source: "All about automatic tire chains

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