Traction Devices Explained

Written by Shane Woodman,

Traction devices allow you to travel safely on slippery roads and in adverse weather conditions. Safety is the #1 reason for equipping your vehicle with a traction device. A close #2 is these devices allow drivers to stay on-time with their routes. Most people who use traction devices to navigate in less than optimal conditions because it's their job.

Preparation for Adverse Road Conditions

Preparation for ice and snow conditions should begin before you step foot in your vehicle. Equipping your vehicle properly can save you time & money, but more importantly give you peace of mind. Our families sleep better at night knowing we are safe on the roads. 

Before your tires hit the road, think about what obstacles may lie ahead. Take some time to consider how the proper traction device can eliminate some of these obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your destination safely and on-time. There are pros and cons to each device. It is vital that you equip your vehicle with the device that will keep you safe, on-time, and profitable. 

Comparison Guide Breaks it Down

Our comparison guide explains the qualities and drawbacks of each traction device: conventional snow chains, textile tire socks, sand spreader, 4x4 and Onspot automatic tire chains. The guide includes a checklist for quick comparison using parameters such as which types of vehicles can use or be fitted with the device, road conditions for which the device is approved and the weight of the device then it describes each device and lists their pros and cons.

Ways to increase traction North American version

Take a moment and download the comparison guide for traction devices. After reviewing the guide, you will be confident in choosing what's best for your needs.

Comparing methods to increase traction


Also: Browse our free online resource, Traction aids for heavy vehicles, to learn more. 


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