Tips on how to drive during winter!

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Experienced driver or beginner, driving on snowy and icy roads is a risky situation for everyone. These risks, however,can be reduced by applying the following advice.

Stay in control of the situation. 

Whether you are carrying goods or people when you drive on a road in winter weather it can quickly become dangerous if one is unprepared. Beyond the equipment available to improve slippery road traction, driving is above all a state of mind. Adopting a serene spirit will allow you to take the road with peace and security.

Keep the right attitude. 

Wind, snow, or ice can give you a feeling of stress and sometimes alter your reflexes. There is nothing worse when you're driving to have that feeling of insecurity 

Here's how to stay in control: 

  • Planning - Check the weather before taking the road, this will save you from getting stuck on an unreachable road or being surprised by adverse road conditions.   
  • Equipment - Prepare your vehicle and equipment before driving. For example, you can check your tires (state and pressure), headlights and other equipment that improves traction 
  • Driving - Adopt a quiet mind where there is no apprehension to have. Prudence takes precedence over speed. 

Perform at your best!  

Performance in transportation is not just a matter of delivery time. Speed is a source of satisfaction for the customer, but it must not be at the expense of your security. 

The performance can be summarized by all the means implemented which will guarantee good delivery time and safety. 

Being safe and increasing performance when driving will not be a secret after reading the following advice. Download it and improve you driving skills. 

5 ways to improve performance in slippery conditions

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Ulrik Andersson

About Ulrik Andersson

Ulrik is Global Brand Manager - Onspot and is located at the headquarters in Vänersborg, Sweden. He has been with the company for over ten years and have been working with sales, marketing and customer relations all of the time. Ulrik enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. On the weekend, you might find him with a camera taking pictures since that has been a hobby of his for a long time.


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