Spring is here - Tips for Onspot Preventative Maintenance

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

Spring is finally here. Although it is officially spring, the winter season would not go quietly. The colder weather truly seems to be behind us as streets are swept clean, motorcycles take to the roads and classic cars come out of storage. During this time of the year there is also a focus by many towns and cities to start spring maintenance on their equipment and vehicles.

For Onspot owners, spring is a crucial time to ensure their equipment is in optimal condition for the upcoming months. Here are some tasks they might need to consider:

  • Inspect the Onspot System: Check all components of the Onspot system, including chains, brackets, and control mechanisms, for any signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out parts to ensure proper functioning.
  • Clean and Lubricate: Clean the Onspot system thoroughly, removing any dirt, grime, or debris that may have accumulated during winter. Apply lubricant to moving parts to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Grease the pivot point of the arm where it rotates.
  • Test Activation: Test the activation of the Onspot system to ensure it engages and disengages properly. This can be done on a clear surface at low speeds to verify functionality.
  • Review Maintenance Records: Review maintenance records to ensure that all scheduled maintenance tasks have been performed. Address any overdue maintenance items promptly.
  • Update Training: Ensure that drivers are properly trained on the operation and maintenance of the Onspot system. Provide refresher training if needed to promote safe and effective usage.
  • Finally, it is recommended to remove at least the chainwheels in the spring to extend the lifespan of the pivot points. Mark all components clearly on which side on the truck they came off of and have them ready for the next winter.

For more tips on maintaining and operating your Onspot Automatic Tire Chains check out our Maintenance and Operating Instructions.

Maintenance and Operating Instructions

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Leonard D'Orlando

About Leonard D'Orlando

Leonard has six years with Onspot Automatic Tire Chains in North America. Four years as a field technician on the East Coast and two years as a Regional Sales Manager. During the four years as a field technician Leonard provided install and maintenance training to dealers. Leonard also performed fleet reviews for customers and provided technical service support. An alumnus from the University of Maine, Leonard graduated with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Education. Leonard also attended Texas State Technical College where he earned an associate’s degree in automotive mechanics.


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