Solving loss of traction - the mechanics solution for heavy vehicles

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

The mechanic and how to solve traction issues in cold weather conditions. Read more on how your input will help transportations running with better accuracy.

In the wintertime you are getting issues with drivers not being able to get to their location on time. It can be snow blizzards and really tough weather conditions, or it can be the ice only present in the early pre-winter mornings. The ice that hinders the vehicle to get out of the loading area.

As a mechanic you end up fixing damaged or broken vehicle parts.

There are different ways of conquering these issues and having everything running smoothly. To make sure that the driver makes it on time.

Technical solutions that are comparatively quick and easy to install, only require minimal maintenance and where spare parts are easily available from a large dealer network.

Ways to increase traction North American version

The overview above gives a guidance of what options there are. Follow this link to look through the pros and cons of each of them: Ways to increase traction. Take the time now to go through it and get some new knowledge.

The automatic snow chain system have been around since the 70´s and is one reason why it should be easy to be delivering on time for any transport company. It is easy for any skilled mechanic to install since the systems are delivered custom made for all kinds of brands and models. Maintenance is on a minimal level and if any issues occur you can easily get spare parts from the extensive network of dealers.

Being the reliable mechanic the fleet knows to listen to your advices. Check out the What is an automatic tire chain video and you will get all the answers


Watch the video: "What is an Automatic Snow Chain System?


For even more resources on the subject, read the in depth explanation of different traction aids for heavy vehicles here

For Mechanics automatic tire chains

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