School bus driving - improve perfomance on icy roads

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

As a school bus driver, you want to bring the pupils to school, on time in the morning. In the evening you should also bring them safely homeHere are some tips on how to improv performance on icy roads.

In wintertime the slippery roads makes that harder for sure. To start from the roadside can be troublesome with spinning wheels. Before that you have had to be able to stop on the ice too. You can get stock with the bus and not able to reach the school on time. In worst case you would have to get out of the bus to try to get something manually under the tires to get a grip. 

That is nothing to deal with when the bus is full of curious pupils. For many years we have been putting together content to help on this. From comparing ways of increasing traction to publishing checklists on how to improve performance on the slippery roads 

The knowledge is put together so that you can return to it whenever you need to get updated or refreshed. Maybe before the season starts, or when you are expecting rough weather conditions.  

Download the free paper “5 ways to improve perfomance on icy roads” and study it. Give it to a college that is new to drive in winter conditions.  

In the beginning it is challenging for everyone. When you are new at your job you need the little extra help. Sometimes it is just the right attitude when driving that takes you and your bus to the destination. It helps having something to rely on in those times. Download it now on the link below and forward it to your college. 

By doing so you will bring good knowledge to your co-workers, and you will all be able to perform every day of the year. The students will be on time in school, and you will also bring them home again to their warm homes. 

How to improve performance on icy roads


Learn more about traction aid for hevy vehicles in the free recourses here 


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