School bus driver – Why do I need automatic tire chains ?

Written by Thomas Ancart,

Being a School Bus Driver is a very important job. You have the responsability to bring the kids to school and home on time and safely. During the season, you will be faced to slippery roads and you have to be prepared !

WHEN WINTER ARRIVES ...                              
When winter arrives, the roads become slippery and you can sometimes see snowflakes. Driving a school bus means having responsibility for the safety of students, and safety should never be compromised. Adverse weather conditions and slippery roads place greater demands on the driver's judgment. Even if road conditions are bad, it is the driver's responsibility to drive and get children to school safely.

Everybody knows the heavy responsability you have on your shoulders, its's the reason why Onspot can help you to take the road mind free.

ALWAYS BE WELL PREPARED ...                                                    
The weather can be unpredictable and you need to be prepared for unexpected situations. With Onspot, you can reduce the risk of slipping at a bus stop or getting stuck with the flick of a switch calmely from your seat. The Onspot arms throw the chains under the tires and makes contact with the wheels and the road surface. Thus, you are sure of taking the road with confidence without risk of accident.

To discover all the benefits to have automatic tire chains on your School Bus. Click the button below.

Reading the document, you will better understand how Onspot automatic tire chains can change your everyday drive and you will be proud the be the best School Bus Driver.

Tips on driving a school bus in adverse conditions

Learn more about automatic snow chains in free resource: All about automatic tire chains

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Thomas Ancart

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