School bus driver – driving safely in winter conditions

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Being a reliable bus driver, bringing school kids to and from school safely, every day of the year, is not happening by accident. By educating your self and understand what maesurements are available you take the control and makes it happen. Learn more how proud school bus drivers make use of good tools below.

When transporting pupils to and from school you face a lot of different challanges. Picking up and deliver them at the right places. Doing that on time is important. The students should not have to wait too long for the bus to arrive, standing exposed to the varying weather conditions. It is important for the parents to be shure that their child will be safely picked up instead of having to wait for the bus to arrive.

In the winter this is even more important. Freezing cold is never pleasent when you are waiting. It is not just the low temeperatures but also the wind that increases the feeling of cold. Here is a short explanation to why this is: Does Wind Make The Temperature Colder?


Traction tools for your bus

Good traction is one of the needs to be able to be on schedule on your route, giving the security for everyone that the students is on the way to or home from school, in the safety of the modern school bus.

There are a lot of different methods to increase the traction of a bus when you are driving in slippery conditions. Old school tire chains, all wheel drive, buckets of sand and automatic tire chains are just a few of them. All of them have different pros- and cons. We have gathered a comparison of them here: Ways to increase traction


Comfort and safety for everyone

After evaluating the different methods you realize that they differ in ease of use, speed of activiation ,convenience and comfort for you as a driver. The solution of just having to switch a button on the dashboard of the vehicle is higly appreciated. The comfort of instant traction, staying in the safety and warmth of the bus can not be underestimated.

To get more understanding of why automatic tire chains might be the optimal solution for you there is a paper for you to read. This might be the solution that gives you the resources to be on time, every day of the year, picking up the pupils and bringing them to and from school safely. Click on the button below to access it!

Would I benefit from Automatic Tire Chains?


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