Response time - the challange for the rescue driver

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

What parts in the daily job as a driver of a rescue vehicle will affect the response time? Learn more here

As  a driver of  a rescue vehicle  your main target is to save lives of the people living in your city or area. Second to that it is to save property being a building , a vechilce or something else valuable.    

To do that you need to be on site to help out. And you need to be there as soon as posible. Time is crucial when you are on a life saving mission. Every second counts. Come winter and you have the slippery conditions to put into the equation. It might slow down the response time conciderably.    

Over the years we have meet numerous drivers in the same position as you. All with the same issues with slippery roads (but in different severity ofcourse depending on where you live). That has given us some experiance in the matter.        

It is put together in a so called white paper, with the basics in what to think of and prepare. What different activities that need to be adressed to be able to make it to the designated place as fast as posible. Always in a safe and controlled manner.  

Response time white paper The paper "Response time - a challenge for the rescue driver" is available here at now charge or fee. You follow the blue button below.

If you live in an area that are experiancing warmer weather it is easy to dismiss preparations for slippery road conditions. Never the less you will have the occasional freezing nights or mornings. The mornings with the black ice that will go away a few hours later when the sun has risen. Those hours are the tough ones. You want to be able to go through the next bend on the road with full controll of the vehicle. During the day that is no issue. By preparing the vehicles with the right equipment also the icy mornings will be eaqually safe and fast        

With the knowledge on what effects the response time you will now be able to bring good input to your departement when that is needed.  And by the end of the day that has helped you to get to the designated location on time and saved lives and property. Like the true professional you are

Get the free resource by clicking on the button below.


Response time: A challenge for the rescue driver


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Rescue Driving

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