Questions to Consider When Traction Is Key

Written by Eric Jones,

You’ve done your research and have concluded that you need to increase your traction capabilities in inclement weather. The following questions will help you determine what type of traction aid would be most effective.

1. Where do I drive?

Are you in an area that when winter hits, it is here to stay? How about parts of the world where you have no idea what the weather will be month to month? Maybe your home base is nice and comfortable, but unfortunately, your occupation takes you to areas where the weather can turn bad before you know it? If you drive in an area where snow or ice can cover roads and create difficulty starting, stopping or driving safely then you should continue reading this post.

2. Is your schedule flexible?

Ok, this one might seem obvious, but knowing when and where you drive can be major factors in a decision on traction devices. Does your schedule allow you to wait out poor driving conditions until the roads have been cleared or the temperature rises? If your schedule is rigid and you must drive when the going gets tough, continue reading.

3. What is your industry or service?

Safety and delivery requirements vary greatly across industries. We hear stories from rescue, commercial, and school bus drivers about how Onspot helps them get their jobs done safely. If you must drive regardless of conditions, continue reading.

4. What type of vehicle do you operate?

There are many different chassis configurations and drive-train options from ½ ton pickup trucks, to over the road class 8 trucks. Even though some of these vehicles may come with 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, when ice and compacted snow get involved, this alone may not be enough. Consider the size of your vehicle and what its capabilities are when the road gets less than ideal.

When operating in less-than-ideal conditions, it is always a good idea to consider the entire situation and be the most prepared you can be. For example, we provide all of our maintenance and operating instructions on our website so when colder weather hits, technicians and drivers can brush up on getting ready for the chain season. They have the literature to be better prepared for what mother nature may throw at them.

If you still feel you need a better solution, learn more at the free recources here: All about automatic tire chains

All about automatic tire chains

Eric Jones

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