Onspot vs Conventional Chains – How long do they last?

Written by Maritza Hernandez,

Tire chains – automatic or conventional – do they have an expiration date? No, there is no fixed end date because there is no way to calculate the wear and tear on tire chains. Wear and tear is not determined with a simple mathematical formula. It has many variables such as how often they are used, terrain, weather, maintenance and drivers.

Conventional Tire Chains – Simple and Well-Tried Design

Conventional tire chains fit all vehicles, reduce braking distance, work in forward and reverse and are mostly service and maintenance free. The conventional tire chain can wear quickly if they are on for long periods of time on dry roadways. In some regions, tire chains are prohibited due to possible damage to road surfaces.

Also, they are heavy and improperly mounted chains can cause damage to the vehicle. Most importantly, the driver must leave the safety of the cab to mount and dismount.

Automatic Tire Chains – On Demand Solution for Increased Traction

Automatic tire chains fit trucks ½ ton to Class 8 tractor trailers, reduce braking distance and work in forward and reverse. While they require service and maintenance, they are only used when required so the chains last longer.

The chains are permanently mounted to the vehicles’ rear suspension, custom fit (in the case of Onspot) for easy installation and they are activated by the dashboard switch safely inside the cab of the vehicle.

The Onspot System – Automatic Tire Chains

The Onspot system is designed to last the life of the vehicle. While some replacement parts may be necessary, the chains typically last for 2,000 engaged miles. Because this system is “on demand,” the chains are always ready to use and can be disengaged when not needed.

Why Onspot

It is suggested to “exercise” the Onspots to keep the bearings in good condition thus requiring minimal maintenance for the system.

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Engineering Automatic Tire Chains and Alternatives

Maritza Hernandez

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Maritza was the Marketing Coordinator at Onspot of North America. She was with Onspot for many years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Investigative Services. She moved from Connecticut to Indiana in 2016. When she is not working, she can be found reading, walking her dog Petey or discovering the sights and sounds of Indiana.


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