Onspot is Peace of Mind for Rolf-Olav Tenden

Written by Eric Jones,

"When I get a call from a driver saying `-Today I was saved by Onspot´ it´s already payed off".

This quote is from Rolf-Olav Tenden, owner of Thor Tenden Transport AS in Norway. It is a quote that sums it all up quite well. When you, as an owner of a transport company can relax, knowing that your drivers are using vehicles with the right equipment. Equipment that is reliable and makes sure that the driver makes it to the delivery point regardless of the weather and brings them home safe.

The Correct Equipment

Traffic safety is all about having the correct equipment for the job. It's like what the military personnel says in the movies: "at the right place, at the right time with the correct equipment" which gives you the peace of mind and can put your focus on what is important.

Tenden Transport is located in Stryn, Norway which is just below a high mountain called Strynfjellet. Company drivers have to cross this mountains numerous times each day, traveling on narrow, serpent roads, every day of the year. Onspot works very well for them. They are a large employer of the people in the area and are important for the well-being of the region.

Rolf-Olav finishes his first quote with the sentence: "...and when there is bad weather I get one or two calls a week saying -Yeah, that (Onspot) was a good one ".

Watch the video below and 1:55 minutes into the movie you´ll see Rolf-Olav saying these exact words.

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