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Automatic tire chains are a very reliable and easy system to use for increasing accessibility on winter road conditions. But of course, as with all equipment on the truck, you also have to maintain your automatic tire chains. How does the mechanic work with your automatic tire chains? Read more here

Mechanic's Everyday Life & Challenges 
Working as a truck mechanic is a challenging and demanding job. New development is fast and the trucks today are high-tech so it is important to be updated on the latest technology. We at Onspot are always striving to develop the automatic tire chains so that it is as easy as possible for the mechanic to service and maintain the system and also assemble new systems. The automatic tire chains are specifically designed to fit each truck model, bus and rescue vehicle and is usually mounted on the vehicle throughout its life.

Install a new system 
It takes about five to eight hours to install the system but can of course vary depending on the vehicle. The system is built to fit most trucks, emergency vehicles and buses. Onspot's bracket kits are unique to each vehicle and are available for most different brands and models. If the brackets do not exist, we have the opportunity to go out to our partners to measure and manufacture a new bracket for the new model. On the website you will find the measurement forms to get the right bracket kit that fits your vehicle. 

Maintenance and service
Onspot is designed with only a few moving parts, which reduces installation and service time. The chain wheels have self-lubricating bearings that do not require service if used correctly, as the bearings lubricate themselves when activated. But it is important to activate the system at least once a month. All this helps limit service time to keep the system running with optimal performance. 

Wear parts 
Wear on the chains or other mechanical parts over time caused by external forces means that eventually parts will need to be replaced. It is quick and easy to replace the worn or damaged parts. The chains, that wear during use should be checked annually. 

When we ask mechanics what they think about assembling and maintaining Onspots, the answer is usually "simple and reliable." The system is easy to work with and there is little trouble for you as a mechanic. Watch the video on what other mechanics say about their experiences installing and maintaining Onspot.


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